“The most preferred Indiana Auction Academy”
“The most preferred Indiana Auction Academy”

Pre-Licensing Class Schedule: 




March 16th. through May 20th.  Monday and Wednesday evenings


June 8th. through 20th.

two week day session



*Low Tuition Fees*

*Payment Plans*

*Flexible Class Scedules*

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Questions to ask before choosing a Pre-Lisensing Auctioneer School:


1. What topics will be covered during the course?

Our Answer:

At Midway Auction School our course includes not only the cirriculum you will need to pass the State Exam but we go above and beyond that.  We teach every aspect of the Auction Profession.  When you complete our course you will know not only how to be a good Auctioneer, but you will have the knowledge you need to know how to conduct a professional and ethical Auction Business. 


2. Will I be able to pass the State Exam after completing the course?

Our Answer:

We are confident that if you participate in class and study the materials we provide that you will have no problems passing the State Exam. Midway Auction School was established in 1986 and was the first Auction School approved by the Indiana Auctioneer Commision to teach both Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education.  We have the most highly developed curriculm in the state of Indiana that is specifically created with Indiana Auctioneers in mind.


3. What is your school's rate of passing the exam?

Our Answer:

We take pride in our students success and because of that we have 95% passing rate.


4. Do you allow many other students from other states in your class?

Our Answer:

No, we only allow students in our class that want to obtain an Indiana License. Due to the fact that we offer support and assistance to our graduates in starting their auction career, we have built a more comphrensive program around the needs of Indiana Auctioneers, thus avioding a general program that is offered by many other schools.


5. How many students are in each class?

Our Answer:

Our classroom size maximum for our Pre-Licensing Class is ten students. We want to ensure that each and every student gets the personal attention that he/she may need to be successful.


6. Where do I take the class?

Our Answer:

Our class is held at our Midway Auction House in Mooresville, Indiana.  It's about 15 minutes South West of Indianapolis. We feel it's important that our students learn in a real live auction setting to help them get farmilar with every aspect of the business.  Working and assiting in one of our live auctions is one of our requirements in our course.  We make sure you get the full experience of what your learning.


7. How long is the Pre-Licensing Course?

Our Answer:

Indiana State Guidelines requires (80) eighty hours of auction instruction from an approved pre-course provider before you are eligable to take the State Exam. At Midway Auction School we are pleased to offer 3 different class schedules to fit anyones lifestyle. You can complete the course in as little as two weeks or you can attend a Saturday or Evening Session if you need to a more flexible class. Here's a desciption of our class sessions:

  • Saturday Session: Saturday from 8 - 5pm (1 Hour Lunch break) for 10 weeks
  • Two Week Session: Monday through Friday from 8 - 5pm (1 Hour Lunch break) for 2 weeks
  • Evening Session: Monday & Thursday from 6 – 10pm


8. How much is the Tuition for the course?

Our Answer:

We offer one of the lowest tuition rates in the state of Indiana. Our Registration Fee is only $100.00 to enroll in the class and then $950.00 is the remaining amount that is due by the first day of class.  If you choose to enroll in one of our Saturday or Evening Sessions, we do offer an Installment Plan that allows you to pay as you go.  We can provide you with more details when you register.  


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