“The most preferred Indiana Auction Academy”
“The most preferred Indiana Auction Academy”

Pre-Licensing Class Schedule: 




March 16th. through May 20th.  Monday and Wednesday evenings


June 8th. through 20th.

two week day session



*Low Tuition Fees*

*Payment Plans*

*Flexible Class Scedules*

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Welcome to Midway Auction School

So you want to become an Auctioneer?


We are Indiana's most preferred Pre-Licensing School for Aucioneering!

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Why is NOW the right time to become an Auctioneer?

  • Being a Professional Auctioneer is one of the most rewarding careers in the world today!
  • Auctioneering Class can be completed in as little as 2 weeks!
  • Becoming an Auctioneer Student is easy, no matter what your educational background!
  • Whether you’re looking to supplement your retirement or have a career as Part-time or Full-Time Auctioneer, the possibilities for financial gain are endless!
Frequently Asked Questions IMPORTANT: Not all Auctions Schools are the same. Make sure you are going to recieve a complete education. Click the "FAQ Button" for a list of questions you should ask any Auction School before you make your choice. If you don't, ...it could cost you!

At Midway Auction School, not only will you learn how to be an Auctioneer, but we will teach you how to have your own auction business from the first step to the last step and more!


Instruction during the course will include:

The art of Bid Calling

Auctioneering Ethics

Indiana statutes and rules governing auctioneering

Federal statutes governing auctioneering

Advertising and Marketing



Auctions Houses

Specialty Auctions



Ring Work


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